Compound Marketing.

Unlock Superior Performance. Close to 9 figures in client sales generated. Multiple 8 figures in client advertising spend managed.


Paid Advertising

Stellar Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and Amazon PPC. We can cover strategy, design, copy, management and tracking.


Content Design & Generation

User generated content & product shootings. Outstanding Designs.



We generated 30% of all sales through direct response, longform copy

Part of our trackrecord

Superior Results

  • Scaled an eCommerce store from 50,000€/month in revenue to €1,000,000/month in 1.5 years

  • Scaled a SaaS from 200,000 USD/month to 2,500,000 USD/month in 4 months

  • Took a client from 0 Revenue to USD 600,000/month in 1.5 years

Among others we worked with

Merck. Siemens. Viddyoze. Snag Tights. Furniture Maxi. Blank Sunglasses. Road Ready Wheels. Klar Seifen.

Our Leadership

  • Jan - Partner - Owner & Business Development

  • Marco - Partner - IT

  • Sören - Head strategy consultant